Rennes Trade Mission

Fall 2016

Organized by the Rennes-Rochester Sister Cities Committee

We’re recruiting people and companies now to join us this fall on a trip that will introduce attendees to the people and industries that make up Brittany’s business landscape including municipal officials dealing with business and international relations. For more information, download the Rennes Trade Mission Guide and contact Ray Griswold at

Rennes, France

Rennes is the capital of the Bretagne region in France, with close to half a million residents in the greater metropolitan area. Rennes has the 3rd highest GDP of French cities, with an unemployment rate that is 2% below the national average, and a highly tech-driven economy.

  • Bretagne is promoting 34 projects recognized as investments for the future in France, representing an investment of €423 million
  • Rennes has a long tradition in science, technology, imaging and manufacturing, a long relationship with Rochester and a business friendly environment that has attracted extensive U.S. investment in the region (over 108 sites/companies, employing more than 11,000 people). Areas of excellence include digital, automotive, marine and agri-food.

Demonstrating Commitment to High-Tech Companies

  • Rennes Atalante Science and Technology Park, with over 280 members, is a technology incubator working to stimulate start-ups and SME in the region
  • B-Com Technology Research Institute, making Rennes a leader in digital technology convergence and the center of the images & networks cluster
  • Institute of Excellence ‘France Energies Marines’ along with two test sites for non-carbon energy, making the region a leader in marine renewable energy, green vehicles, and other eco-activities.

Future developments in Rennes

  • A new high-speed rail line connecting Brittany to Paris in less than 1½ hours, scheduled to open in 2017.
  • With the completion of the new high-speed rail, comes a new construction project (EuroRennes) for office space, retail space and housing, around the train station and at the heart of Rennes.
  • An international airport in near-by Nantes, linked with Rennes via rail, expected to become operational in 2017, that will service the entire north-west part of France, and capable of handling more than 9 million passengers.

New York State Government Assistance

The Sister Cities Committee stands ready to help participating companies take advantage of state and federal programs designated to help local companies access foreign markets, such as:

  • The latest round of the State Trade & Export Promotion (STEP) Grant Program (offered by the NY Empire State Development) available for NYS companies interested in exporting into foreign markets (reimbursing up to 80% of trade mission associated costs).

Export assistance and service programs, like the Global Export Marketing Service (GEMS) and the Export Marketing Assistance Services (EMAS), offered by NY ESD, for free or through matching funds. Free services include: customized market research, agent-distributor searches, and competitive pricing analysis.